Muay Thai

Muay Thai

Muay Thai Is Another Combat Sport Of Thailand That Uses Various Clinching Techniques. It Is The National And Cultural Martial Art Of Thailand. It’s A Very Old Sport That Was Developed Hundreds Of Years Ago. This Is A Different Kind Of Combat Sport That Uses Entire Body As A Weapon. This Sport Is Known As “The Art Of Eight Limbs”. This Is Because Eight Points Of Contacts Of The Body Are Used For This Sport.

Muay Thai Has Developed More In This Modern World. After Gaining So Much Of National Popularity, It Has Now Gathered International Recognition In The World. Many Nations Gave This Sport, Different Names Because Of Its Unique Fighting Style. Some Foreigners Called It “Siam Boxing” While French Referred It As “Le Sport Orient”. Many Soldiers From Other Countries Were Very Impressed By The Fighting Style Of This Sport So They Requested The Thai Soldiers To Teach Them The Traditions Of Muay Thai.


With The Passage Of Time, Changes Were Made In This Sport. After So Many Years, It Was Not Appropriate To Follow The Same Old Tradition For The Sport. Rules And Regulations Of The Sports Were Changed With The Time In Order To Make This Sport More Advanced And Modern Just Like Boxing And Mixed Martial Arts.The Attire For The Sports Is Not Very Different From Boxing. Gloves Are Same As Used For Boxing And A Groin Protector Is Used In Order To Protect From Kicks And Knees.

There Are Five Rounds For The Fight Followed By A Clock For Each Round. Though Muay Thai Is A Different Sort Of Unique Sport, The Fighters Earn Little Money With The Fighting. Despite Of This, Muay Thai Fighters Train Themselves Daily. Sometime Their Training Is Started When They Are 6 Or 8 Years Old. This Sport Is Physically Demanding But Muay Thai Fighters Generally Don’t Have Long Careers. Lesser Earnings Could Be The Reason For This Because The Earnings Are Not Enough To Support Themselves And Their Families As Well If They Have One.

The Fighters Are Known For Their Tough Skin And Strong Will Power To Bear The Pain. The Fighters Have Strong Ability To Face The Pain And Ignore It From Broken Bones To The Cuts On Their Faces. In Early Days, The Fighters Had Limited Resources To Train Themselves. The Sport Didn’t Have Any Popularity Earlier But Now It Is Very Popular On Global Scale. This Sport Deserves to Be Recognized Because Of the Fighter’s Hard Work. It Is Now Accepted As Olympic Sport As Well. Different Training Camps Are Also Opened Around The World In Order To Train The Fighters. If This Practice Continues, Then Muay Thai Will Surely Be The Number
One Combat Sport Of The World.

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