Another Interesting And Popular Martial Art Is Boxing. Boxing Is A Combat Sport In Which Two People Wear Gloves And Throw Punches At Each Other. The Important Goal Of This Sport Is To Weaken Your Opponent And Knock Him Down. It Is Both Olympic And Commonwealth Sport.

A Supervisor Called Referee Supervise This Game For One To Three Minutes Interval Which Are Called Rounds. The Result Is Decided On Basis Of Some Rules. If One Of The Participants Is Incapable Of Fighting More Or If Any Participant Has Broken Some Rule. Sometimes The Result Is Decided On The Basis Of Judges’ Scorecards.



In Order To Protect The Hands, The Participants Should Wear Hand Gloves. For The Protection Of Mouth And Teeth, Mouth Pieces Are Worn By The Participants. Amateur Boxers Should Wear Headgear As Well For Their Protection.
Other Rules Are As Follows:

Boxers Can Only Punch Each Other Because It Is The Only Legal Way Of Boxing.
Punches Should Land Above The Waistline Of The Rival And They Should Not Land On The Back.
If Any Boxer Has Done Any Intentional Foul Then That Boxer Is Disqualified From The Game And If Boxers Have Commit Any Unintentional Fouls Then They Receive A Warning From Referee.
If The Boxer Is Knocked Down Then The Rival Is Not Allowed To Hit Him And The Referee Starts The Ten- Count.
If The Boxer Is Suffering From Any Severe Injury Then The Referee Can Stop The Fighting At Any Time.


Professional Boxing:-

When Boxing Fame Increased Gradually, Professional Boxing Was Also Evolved In 20th Century. Professional Bouts Took Place In Unites States And Britain In Early 20th Century And Then USA Became The Center Of Professional Boxing Grabbing The Attention Of Many People Indulged In This Sport.
Professional Boxing Is Very Different From Amateur Boxing. Professional Boxing Involves Ten To Twelve Bouts As Compared To Other Amateur Fights. Protective Headgears Are Not Allowed In Professional Boxing. But A Boxer’s Safety Should Be Ensured By State Athletic Commission.

When Knockout Doesn’t Occur Then Winner Is Decided By The Judges. In Early Days The Referee Decided The Winner But Now Two Judges Are Included Along With Referee To Make Decisions.

Though, There Are Twelve Rounds So At The End Of All Rounds The Judges Sum Up The Scores And Announce The Winner. If All Judges Choose Same Boxer, Then That Boxer Is The Winner. If One Judge Chooses One Boxer, Second Judge Chooses The Other And The Third Judge Calls It A Draw Then The Match Is Draw And No Winner Is Chosen For The Match.

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